Pocket Book Guides for Quant Interviews

The books published in the Pocket Book Guides for Quant Interviews Series cover the core body of knowledge required for successfully interviewing for a quant type position, including finance, programming (in particular C++ programming), several areas of mathematics (probability and stochastic calculus, numerical methods, linear algebra, and advanced calculus), and brainteasers.

1. 150 Most Frequently Asked Questions on Quant Interviews, by Dan Stefanica, Rados Radoicic, and Tai-Ho Wang. FE Press, 2013

2. 50 Challenging Brainteasers from Quant Interviews, by Rados Radoicic, Dan Stefanica, and Tai-Ho Wang. FE Press, 2014

2. Stochastic Calculus & Probability Quant Interview Questions, by Tai-Ho Wang, Rados Radoicic, and Dan Stefanica. FE Press, 2014